I’d like to say no problem, but to be honest this is not a simple process.

Technically speaking, it simply isn’t possible to move a site from WordPress.com to Write Site. What we can do is copy the content from your WordPress.com blog to a site onWrite Site, but once it is copied over the new site has to be built from scratch.

Our “Free Migration” offer covers copying the content, and installing a new version of the theme used by your old site (assuming it is available). We will try to identify WordPress.com features that can be replaced with plugins. We will also try to copy over any custom code running on your WordPress.com site (for example, mailing list signup forms).

Fine print: Due to the fact that migrating a site from WordPress.com is time and work intensive, our free migration service is strictly limited (other hosting companies will tell you the same, only using different words).  You should plan on spending a fair amount of time setting up the new site, or hiring us to do so.

Please contact customer support if you have any questions.

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